PIT FIBER offers Broadband solutions for both Business and Home Users, which can now be bought in UNLIMITED way as you go.With connectivity pre-installed at all major event locations, Wired Internet Bandwidth to Colleges and Corporates. PIT Fiber aims at ensuring a hassle-free internet experience for its users. We provide a foolproof method to high connectivity – redundant fiber network with a revolutionary platform that converts flat-fee based broadband connection into a differentiated and customized service solution for clients.

For Home Users:

PIT FIBER has simpler and easier setups for Home users with a Modem less technology to benefit the customer with Zero investment on customer side equipment…

High-speed direct FIBER Internet in every home

Wi-Fi on demand @ 1200

Support & Service round the clock

Door to door bill collection

Online Bill Payment

For Business Users:

PIT FIBER provides high speed Fiber Internet for Business needs with reliable Internet access allowing you to deliver business critical communications.From simply sending and receiving email, to sourcing information, to conducting transactions online, your business needs to have a high quality, always on connection. And to achieve such quality of service we have dedicated services….

Customized Cloud solutions to business needs.99% SLA guarantee.

Providing dedicated FIBER lines straight to your office 99% uptime guarantee.

Dedicated Customer Support & Service round the clock.

Bill collection at your office.

Online Bill Payment

For Communities:

PIT FIBER gives property developers a unique solution that helps create a truly smart community by providing direct fiber internet to every home in the community.

High-speed direct FIBER Internet in every apartment / home

Seamless Wireless connectivity for the township

Dedicated Onsite Support

Door to Door bill collection

Online Bill Payment