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Experience With Fiber

Fiber to the Home FAQs:-

What is FTTH (Fiber to the home)?

1.What is FTTH (Fiber to the home)?

FTTH is one of the newest ways to connect your to data services to PITfiber Connect. It uses fiber optics (hair-thin pieces of glass stretched into cabling) to carry information with light instead of electrical signals, which is what traditional copper wiring uses. This allows us to have much more capacity and speed for the services we provide to your home.

2.How do I know if I am eligible?

When you speak to our Customer Service Representatives we will be able to let you know if you are in our current fiber network or when to expect it at your address.

3.Will my old PC work with Fiber?

The answer is maybe. Theoretically any PC can use the broadband line. However, if you start to use the broadband line to view video on demand or other memory and processor intensive functions you may well decide your PC is too slow. PC makers are probably hoping that the revolution in bandwidth will fuel sales wave in the next generation PCs, but there are already so many interesting things to do on the web with even a slower PC, and the majority of sites can quite happily be seen and used by slower PCs.

4.How do I connect more computers?

There are two options in this case. Additional data outlets may be wired by PITfiber Connect for a fee, or your other choice is to set up your own home network to share the connection using a router.

5.Can I use another ISP?

You will have full Internet access and e-mail through PITfiber Internet with your broadband account.

6.I'm in a FTTH home but my Broadband service not working.

You may want to check to see if the UPS (uninterrupted power supply/battery) has become unplugged or it's circuit breaker has become tripped. Your fiber optic fed home has this UPS to keep your system working in the event of a power outage, but it will not supply power for Broadband

Fair Usage Policy (FUP):

Fair Usage Policy is applied, in order to restrict few customers who may use excessive amount of data transfer, causing traffic congestion on the network which will not impair the experience of other users. This will give the desired Internet usage experience to all users, since broadband is a shared bandwidth experience.


Fiber to the home (FTTH) technology uses optical fiber to transmit information or data. It uses Light instead of electricity for transmission and is therefore 1000 times much faster when compared to conventional internet co – axial cables.


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